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Have used it for 6 years especially over public WIFI hot-spots like Walmart or McD's where its easy to get caught up in man in the middle scams . Your data is encrypted between your device and PIA's server so no one ev4n if they sniff your packets can read them . Never worry about bandwidth as its always fast and if not easy to switch to another server that's not .

Stewart Snider, 08/19/2019

Private internet access is a wonderful VPN service. Their client is streamlined and incredibly easy to set up and use. The pricing cannot be beat, I repeat cannot be beat!

Clinton Sizemore, 08/14/2019

Fast speeds and simple to use what more can you ask for. Great service.

Cy, 08/09/2019

I had PIA for a year and then through a software bundle purchase, received another VPN app. I tried this other app for a while. But gosh, it was clunky and not as automated as PIA. It took me trying a competitor to realize how good I had it with PIA. So I came back!

Meg Grace, 08/09/2019

If I ever have a problem (which is rare) they are always there within 1 day to fix it. I have no complaints. They have come through every, single time AND address me in a kind way. Every time I have checked to see if PIA is working as they say it is....it IS. Thank you PIA!

Vanessa, 08/02/2019

It is an excellent service. The documentation is extensive and well written. I've never needed to use there live support because I've always found the answers I need in their documentation. The software is supported across multiple platforms, Linux, Windows and iOS being the ones relevant to me. Reading PIA's documentation is like getting an education in internet privacy issues. I appreciate all the effort they put into informing their customers and giving them the options they need or desire in a VPN service. Probably my favorite feature of PIA is the ability to pay for the service using cryptocurrency. This, in my eyes, shows that PIA is at the forefront of new technology and its relevance to the technologically sophisticated consumer. If they didn't use crypto as a payment method, I would probably be looking for another service that did. A VPN service is becoming an essential part of being online in a secure way across all devices. The fact that I can use one service to cover my personal computer, laptop, mobile phone and iPad with a consistent user interface across them all, gives me confidence that my privacy is being protected on all fronts in a demonstrable way.

Mustard, 07/15/2019

Easy to set up on multiple devices. Straightforward to use. Good speeds. Excellent quick response from technical support. Had an issue with iOS devices dropping connections. Tech support recommended switching protocol to OpenVPN. Connections solid with OpenVPN.

Bret Graham, 06/25/2019

Just started to use your product and it works fine, my only question is during set up the 2nd verification, I just can't quite figure it out. Can you break it down to the simplest form. Thanks

Chucky Brown, 06/24/2019

Works flawlessly, high download bandwidth, I love PIA.

Marcello, 06/20/2019

For the most part the service worked for my. I'm not sure if my issue was due to PIA or the streaming service. I ran into some intermittent connection issues while using a server in London. I've have great luck with PIA in the past. Again not sure if it was on their end or the streaming service as the connection would drop once about every other hour. Not a huge problem to drive me away from using PIA in the future.

Jacob Hathaway, 06/19/2019

I have tried most services and PIA is the best. I use it on Windows and Linux and it is very quick and easy to set up. The yearly price is outstanding for this level of service. I am very impressed.

Jim Key, 08/16/2019

I have been with PIA for several years. It works smoothly and seamlessly in the background. In the rare instance of technical issues they are very quickly resolved by the support desk. Highly recommended.

Yuri, 08/11/2019

Reliable, quick, secure. What else can you ask for from your VPN? Customer service is FANTASTIC!

John Lachut, 08/09/2019

Fast, reliable, easy and good support

saleh ramadan, 08/07/2019

Great VPN provider. Been with PIA for 2 years now and decided to try Nord VPN & TorGuard. Had trouble getting a reliable SpeedTest with Nord VPN & didn't like the TorGuard UI. So have decided to stay with PIA for another two years.

broozer, 08/01/2019

I absolutely love this VPN. Unlike many of the other "free" or even paid VPN services, PIA keeps no logs, doesn't track you and really seems to take your privacy seriously. Where I live and work, social media such as WhatsApp and Facebook are not allowed, so we have to use a VPN to access these services. PIA is consistently on and connected when all the other guys are having to restart theirs several times a day! I will keep them as my service until they are no longer in business!

G. Hall, 07/02/2019

Private Internet Access is good .. It is serving me very well .. Thanks

Smith Chris , 06/25/2019

Excellent so far. The only small issue that I have is that I cannot sign in to a couple of sites with PIA engaged although I was able to do so with Nord. Having said that, the problems I had with Nord made it so annoying that I am very pleased to have them in my rear view mirror.

LEON Barry, 06/23/2019

Great VPN service, great speeds. I have been a user for 3+ years now. The only issue I have is with Amazon Pay - for some reason PIA and Amazon don't play well together. Every year PIA cannot access Amazon Pay - credentials are bad, but every one else seems to be able to access and use it - so for the 4th year in a row, I now have a new user ID because the old one ran out with no payment. A minor annoyance - actually a pain in the nether regions.

bob jones, 06/19/2019

Seems perfect but ofc it's not completely true. Only few small problems occurred but no service is 100% time perfect. Their Ip address are not yet blocked in services which I am using like most of vpn providers which I tried In past(blocked provider--> moving to another one) because I need specific locations to access geoblocked content. Application is easy to use and nice and stable. They have various servers around world so everyone should be able to find what they desire and connectivity is pretty good and fast.

Pavel Bílek, 06/18/2019

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